Saturday, June 6, 2015

#185 - The Dog Days of Summer Come Early

I know the so-called dog days of summer don't really hit until August, and summer doesn't officially start for another two weeks, but I think I'm justified in saying that this summer has been a real dog so far. Literally.

This past week, I took our ten-year old Beagle to the vet to have what was apparently a harmless growth on his back left leg removed. I say apparently harmless because the rate at which it grew in the previous seven day would have made the growth a prime target for the upcoming NBA draft.

The situation with our dog was only the latest in what has already been an expensive summer. In the last two-plus weeks we've had the air conditioner on our fifth-wheel replaced, the rear differential fluid and one of the two batteries on our F-350 truck replaced, and we are now waiting for the motor on the black tank valve to be replaced.

This latter repair, the cost of which is still unknown, caused me to cancel a planned two-week trip to Utah with my son to go visit a friend I haven't seen in six years. So the cost has not been simply financial. Hopefully I can make the trip next year.

On the bright side, Teresa and I will have more time to practice for what I hope will be another performance at this month's Idaho Songwriters Association forum. However, I won't find out if we're guaranteed a slot until the middle of the month. Fingers crossed!

At this stage of my life, I have no illusions of anything approaching stardom, but it is fun to get some of my music out there and to have it well received. I would be able to do neither without Teresa's help and encouragement. I guess she can add arranger and accompanist to her resume.

One thing I think I am learning is that, while dreams may have to change or be reshaped a bit, growing older does not mean an end to dreams or to dreaming. Nor does it mean one has to completely abandon the dreams of youth. My musical dreams began when I was 18, but I lacked the confidence, the courage, and probably the ability to pursue them at that time. 40 years later, those dreams have been modified a bit, but they are coming true. So keep dreaming!

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